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by: Cody Stewart, BestReviews Staff

by: Cody Stewart, BestReviews Staff

Holidays and cat birthdays are the perfect excuse to spoil your feline friend. Whether your cat likes to spend all day lounging, exploring the outside world or pouncing on its toys, it’s sure to love receiving a fun gift. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your cat, comparing the most popular cat gifts is a great way to begin.

If your cat is lively, they may enjoy having a tiny toy mouse or kicker toy to knock around throughout the day.

There are many cat treats that benefit your cat’s fur, skin or dental health. Cat treats are a gift that nearly any cat will enjoy.

Cats love taking naps, and a comfortable bed to sleep in makes a great gift. Cat beds also give your cat the comfort of having a special place to call their own and help keep your bed and couch hair-free by encouraging your cat to lay elsewhere.

If your cat can’t seem to help scratching your couch and carpet, a scratching post is a great way to allow them to keep their claws in shape without sacrificing your furniture.

Numerous automatic feeders, treat dispensers and laser toys are available to keep your cat happy.

There’s a wide range of prices since the kinds of gifts vary so widely. They can start at $10 or so for a simple cat toy to $200 or more for a high-tech gift.

Furbo Full HD WiFi Treat Dispenser And Camera

Although this treat dispenser is marketed to dog owners, cat treats can also be used. This advanced treat dispenser has a 1080-pixel full high-definition camera with night-vision capabilities, meaning you’ll be able to easily see your pet in the dark, even if you aren’t in the house with them. You can dispense treats no matter where you are using the Furbo iOS or Android app and check in on your pet anytime, thanks to its real-time alerts and cloud recording videos.

HDP Grab Bag Assorted Cat Toys

This affordable set of 20 toys is perfect for cats that love to play. Cats are attracted to toys, so they’ll likely begin playing with these fun little toys almost immediately, and with 20 to choose from, they probably won’t get bored. These aren’t necessarily high-end toys, so the quality may vary. Still, the variety and affordable price make this gift well worth your consideration.

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree for Indoor Cats

This cat tree is both easy to assemble and well-made. There are numerous platforms for your cat to choose from, including two hammocks and a platform with an enclosure to make your pet feel safe. The Rabbitgoo cat tree has a sleek-but-simple design that will look great in most homes and six different scratching posts for your cat to enjoy.

Potaroma Flopping Fish Cat Toy

This realistic flopping fish toy has become a hit among cats and their owners. It’s rechargeable and has a pocket on the side where you can put catnip pouches for added fun. Most cats will take to playing with it immediately, although some may find the flopping to be a bit too much. Still, even without the flopping feature, it makes a great toy for cats.

Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent

Cats love having a safe place to call their own, and it doesn’t get much better than this comfortable enclosed pet tent by Best Pet Supplies. This tent is machine-washable and comes in eight colors, meaning you’ll easily find one to match your living room’s decor.

PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

If your cat loves chasing laser pointers, they’ll definitely get a kick out of this interactive laser. Although some pet owners feel the laser moves too fast in automatic mode, most cats thoroughly enjoy chasing it around. The Bolt even shuts off after 15 minutes to ensure your pet isn’t overstimulated.

Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain

Cats hate it when their whiskers touch their bowl, which is why so many of them prefer pet fountains over a standard bowl of water. This pet fountain has a fun flower design and three water-flow levels for your cat to enjoy. By removing the flower on the top of the fountain, you can further adjust the flow of the water.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This versatile cat castle is one of the best on the market. The ladders are detachable, and there are three colors from which to choose. Although the price point is high, cats will love the cloth material and numerous platforms to jump around on.

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